The Bethlehem Early Learning Center is a Christian educational opportunity for children ages 2-5. Our Preschool program is designed to allow the children many opportunities to learn about the world around them and understand how our loving God fits into our world.

About Our Program

Our curriculum includes a wide variety of opportunities for our children to grow in their understanding of the world through active play and interactive learning. We have identified 6 primary purposes of our Early Learning Center.

  • Provide a Christian learning experience for young children;
  • Help Christian parents bring their children to Jesus so they may better know His love and example;
  • Provide an environment where each child can grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and academically;
  • Provide warm relationships with adults and other children so that each child can grow toward independence with a sense of his own unique worth;
  • Help each child develop behavior patterns based on self-control and a desire to show love to others;
  • Acquaint children with school life, routines, and responsibilities.