Join us Easter Sunday as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and His incredible defeat over the grave. Continuing our “UN” series from the season of Lent, we will rejoice in the victory of Christ over sin and death as He is proclaimed to be UNDEFEATED!

Scroll below to see all our service times for Easter Sunday as well as information on all of the worship opportunities over this Passion week of March 25th – April 1st. Our family at Bethlehem would LOVE for you to join us this Passion Week and Easter. Blessings to you this season!

In Jerusalem, so many years ago, Jesus entered the city riding upon a donkey and was welcomed by the crowds. His triumphal entry into the city is one of the most amazing moments in the Bible and yet just a few days later, he would be exiting on his knees and with a cross on his back. No other man could do what Jesus did for us. No other man could take on flesh and live a perfect life. But Jesus did exactly that and because of that he is highly exalted, the name above all names. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life; he is undeniable.

Join us on Sunday March 25th at 7:45, 9, or 10:30 AM as we celebrate the undeniable truth that Christ is KING!

Maundy Thursday? Yep. We know that most people aren’t very familiar with this holy day, but it is an awesome celebration day that is connected to the Easter season.

Maundy Thursday is the celebration of Jesus’ service to his people, washing our feet and giving us the Lord’s Supper on the night of the Passover. For more information, read this interesting article from Christianity.com. For our family at Bethlehem, it is a time to talk about the incredible gift that we receive in Christ. On Thursday March 29th, we will come together at 10AM & 6:30PM to worship Christ as we consider what it means to be a community of believers, joining together to confess a common faith in Christ. We would love for you to be a part of our community as well. Come join us Thursday March 29th and celebrate with us.

Good Friday is the night when we remember the incredible sacrifice that was made for us when Jesus died. As the disciples stood there in disbelief, the world watched as God did the unbelievable and gave His Son as a sacrifice for the sins and mistakes of the entire world throughout all time.

On this Friday, we stop to take a moment and consider what placed Jesus there that day. We reflect on our sins and take some time in worship to express our gratitude for the sacrifice God made on our behalf. It is an intense night of worship, but unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Our Good Friday worship service is held on Friday March 30th at 12, 5, & 7PM. Please join us as we come together and remember the unbelievable love of our God.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church & School is proud to offer a day of fun and celebration for the whole family on Saturday March 31st beginning at 10AM. Bring your kids to this exciting interactive event filled with games and fun culminating in a gigantic easter egg hunt with lots and LOTS of candy! And best of all, the event is COMPLETELY FREE TO THE PUBLIC!!! So invite your friends and neighbors to join our community in this celebration of families and the love of Christ!

Join us at Bethlehem as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with three different opportunities for you to worship with us on Easter Sunday. On April 1st, we offer the following worship schedule:

8AM // Traditional Worship
9:30AM // Mild Contemporary Worship
11AM // Live Band Worship

Each service will provide you and your family a chance to rejoice with us in the glory of the risen King as we explore what it means for Christ to be undefeated.