In-depth Bible study groups

Have you ever thought of joining a small group Bible study that also offers exciting fellowship and mini-lectures and guidance from a super-qualified Pastor? That’s exactly what LifeLight is!


Ezra/Nehemiah-September 5, 2019

Worship-November 14, 2019

Timothy/Titus/Philemon-February 6, 2020

Dig Deep into the Bible and discover its many truths and blessings through personal study and once per week discussion, worship and wrap up lectures!

Where do I start?

Pre-Registration is required. This can be done by clicking on the “Registration” button in the menu on the right or by signing up through the iPads in the Commons.

Whether you join us for a nine-week series or the entire twenty-seven week format, God will bless you richly. We hope that you will prayerfully consider joining us for this wonderful and exciting way to study God’s Word.

Do you offer child care?

Yes we do!

The purpose of the LifeLight childcare is to provide a safe and caring environment for children during the hours of LifeLight so that parents can study free of distraction.

General Guidelines

  • Childcare may only be used if the parent is registered and participating in LifeLight.
  • Children are welcome to LifeLight childcare if they do not exhibit any symptoms of cold or flu such as runny nose, cough or congestion.  A child should be fever-free for 24 hours before attending LifeLight childcare.
  • All children must be checked in and out by their parent or another responsible adult.
  • All personal items must be marked with the child’s name.
  • Children must be picked up immediately after the small group discussion is finished. This is usually around 10:45 AM and 8:45 PM respectively.
  • All emergency procedures, such as responding appropriately to a fire alarm, will be observed when children are at LifeLight childcare.
  • A snack will be provided each session after about an hour.  If your child has personal dietary needs please bring an appropriate snack.  Please refrain from bringing peanuts.
  • Childcare will be available during In-Home LifeLight sessions at church as long as the parents are on campus.  We will be open an hour longer to accommodate the extra fellowship time.  $3.00 per child will be collected to provide dinner.  Please notify Kris Rahm using the button below ahead of time if your child will need childcare during Lifelight.

Thursday Mornings
Childcare is offered during LifeLight on Thursday mornings from 9-11am.  All children will need to be checked in/out of the nursery.   Parents of infants and toddlers will be asked to leave a cell phone number in case we need to contact you.  Children should be picked up promptly from the nursery following the small group time.

Thursday Evenings
Childcare is offered during LifeLight on Thursday evenings from 7-9pm.  All children will need to be checked in/out of the nursery.   Parents of infants and toddlers will be given a pager in case we need to contact you.  Children, kindergarten and older, will move to the Childwatch rooms and have a more structured schedule than the infants, toddlers, and preschool children in the nursery.  Children should be picked up promptly following the small group time from the nursery or Childwatch rooms, depending on their age.

Schedule for Kindergarten and Older
7:00 – 7:15 PM            Check-in & Quiet Time* in the Nursery or Childwatch room
7:15 – 7:45 PM            Bible Study, Activity & Prayer
7:45 – 8:15 PM            Structured games in The Docks
8:15 – 8:30 PM            Bathroom Break and Snack
8:30 – 9:00 PM            Free play & Check-out

*Children are encouraged to bring homework or another activity to work on during Quiet Times.


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Info & Schedule

2100 N. Wadsworth Blvd.
Lakewood, CO 80214

Thursdays, 9:00-10:30 a.m. and 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Sundays, Sunday LifeLight will be held if there is enough interest.  Times will be determined at a later date, following registration which will be held on August 18 and 25.

Third Series: Timothy/Titus/Philemon-Feb 6, 2020

The books of 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus are known as the pastoral Epistles because they contain instruction to help leaders regulate the Church. Paul warned Church leaders of perilous times to come and counseled them regarding the destructive influence of false teachings. He taught that the holy scriptures are the source of sound doctrine and instruction.

Paul’s letter to Philemon provides readers with a poignant illustration of how seeing fellow believers as our brothers and sisters can increase our willingness to forgive them when needed.


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LifeLight at Bethlehem offers the Pastor’s Lectures on the latest study online! Click the video below for the latest study, or click the “LifeLight Archive” button to see previous lesson videos.


How does LifeLight work?

The LifeLight Ministry’s success can be traced back to its structure. The program brings together four components that provide the Bible study student a good framework for growth. LifeLight fosters an environment of strong discussion and thought provoking questions. Review each component below to see how the LifeLight Bible study is organized

Look over each component below to get a better sense of how the LifeLight bible study is organized.


Students receive a study lesson for each class. The lesson contains a hymn, prayer, and other worship resources in addition to readings and study questions for five days. The students are asked to complete the lesson at home before the weekly class. If the student is not able to complete the lesson, they are still encouraged to attend the class.

Not all of the study questions are created equal. Questions range in difficulty and students are challenged to apply the word of God while other questions ask the student to look introspectively and examine their heart.

Small Group

Once a week, after studying at home, students gather in their assigned small groups and discuss the lesson together. Classes vary in composition from all women’s and men’s groups to groups of married couples. The composition of each group varies from lifelong Christians to “baby” Christians. This variety is mentioned by many veteran students as one of the key successes of LifeLight. They often find that anyone can have a positive impact on their study of God’s Word.


Before the small group discussion, all students meet together and listen to a lecture presentation on the portion of scripture that was studied during the past week.

These lectures are performed by one of the pastors on staff at Bethlehem. The pastor brings together the history of the text and explains how the text ties into the Gospel of Christ. Very few people leave the lecture not having learned something new.


A magazine is passed out at the beginning of each nine (9) week series. These are distributed during the small group meeting time. The magazine contains maps, graphs, charts, pictures, and other visual aids as well as supporting narrative that helps the student review the lessons being studied.