From Sunday to Monday....


What We Learned: God shows us His faithfulness. In 1 Samuel 20, two followers of God named David and Jonathan were loyal best friends. But Jonathan’s dad, King Saul, hated David because God had chosen him as the next king. David and Jonathan worked together to come up with a plan to keep David safe, and Jonathan followed through on his promise to protect David. God had given both of them the power to be strong friends, because He is the ultimate friend who is always with us. Because God shows us His faithfulness as our best friend of all, we learned that we now can be faithful friends too. That means we can be kind to our friends, keep our promises to them, and always be there for them. Just like God is always there for us and keeps all of His promises, we can use God’s power to be good friends to others!

Talk About: 1. Share about someone who is a good friend to you. 2. Now share all the ways that God is a good friend to us. 3. How can you be a good friend to show God’s love this week?

Until next Sunday!
Miss Becky


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