From Sunday to Monday....

What We Learned: Wanting God’s will is part of praying to God. In Matthew 26:36-46, as Jesus was getting ready to die on the cross in the Garden of Gethsemane, He prayed for God’s will to be done. Jesus was showing us how to pray “Thy will be done” just like He taught in the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6. Jesus knew that dying on the cross would be hard, but He prayed for God’s will to happen no matter what. That means Jesus wanted what God wanted, and God wanted to save us! We learned that God always wants what is best for us, and so we can pray for His will just like Jesus did. When there is something we really really want (like a new toy, a new bike, or a new pet), we can talk to God in prayer about it. We can be honest about what we want, just like Jesus was. But we can also pray for His will to be done, because God knows what will be best for us. That’s why we can say, “Not our will but Yours be done!”

Talk About1. Share about a time you didn’t get something you wanted. 2. What’s one way God could use that time for something good in your life? 3. How can we pray for what God wants more than what we want?

Until next Sunday!
Miss Becky



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