From Sunday to Monday....


What We Learned: God protects us with the truth. In Ephesians 6:10-14 and Acts 5:17-42, we began learning about the armor of God that helps us stand strong! We started with the belt of truth, which is how God protects us with the true message of His Word. In Acts 5, Peter and the rest of Jesus’ disciples shared the true message of Jesus’ love even when they were arrested and thrown in jail. Through it all, God protected them and sent an angel to set them free, and the disciples kept sharing the truth about Jesus! They stood up for their faith even when they went on trial, and said they would obey God first no matter what. We learned that we can stand strong for God too because we know the truth that He loves us and is always with us! Just like the disciples, we can share the truth about God’s love because we know He will always be there to protect us!

Talk About: 1. Share about a time you felt protected and safe. 2. How does God protect us with the truth from the Bible? 3. What’s one way you can stand strong in your faith and share the truth about Jesus this week?

Until next Sunday!
Miss Becky


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