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What We Learned: Jesus is Good News. In Luke 2:1-20, Jesus is born to be the Savior of the world. He was placed in a wooden manger the day He was born, but one day Jesus would grow up and be placed on a wooden cross the day He saved us all. After Jesus was born in the stable to Mary and Joseph, the shepherds hurried off and the spread the word so that everyone could hear! They knew that the message of Jesus’ love is so important that it needs to be told everywhere! We learned that we too have that good news of Jesus that we want to tell the world! When our world feels broken down by bad news around us, we can hold on to Jesus and the good news of His love. We are never alone because He is always with us. Now we can share that good news with the whole world so that everyone will know Jesus is their Savior and Friend. So go and tell it on the mountain — in your neighborhood, in your school, and everywhere you go!

Talk About: 1. Why is it important to tell the world the message of Jesus’ love? 2. Who are 3 people you can tell the good news of Jesus to this week? 3. Challenge: Now go and tell them in a special way! Write a card, draw a picture, or tell them a story about Jesus’ love!

Until next Sunday,
Miss Becky


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