From Sunday to Monday....

Easter Sunday: There will be no BethlehemKIDS or Level 56 this Sunday, April 21st for Easter Sunday. We can’t wait to see you back on Sunday, April 28th!

Toy Drive: For our service project all throughout the month, you can bring in gently used or new toys for families in need right here in Colorado! Through A Precious Child, we can serve families in our community by bringing in toys that we’ve taken good care of because God takes care of all of us as part of His family!

What We Learned: God loves every age. In Acts 16:1-4 and the book of 1 Timothy, Paul writes encouraging letters to a young follower of Jesus named Timothy. In his letters, Paul reminds Timothy not to let anyone look down on him for being young, because he can still set an example of faith for others! We learned that we too can set an example of God’s love no matter what age we are! From preschoolers to elementary students, from babies to grown-ups, we all may be different ages – but we are all apart of God’s family. God loves each one of us and has given each of us different gifts to show His love to others. No matter what age you are, you can serve God right now, in the unique way He created you!

Talk About: 1. Talk about the different ages in your family and share what you love about being your age. 2. No matter what age you are, how can you set an example of God’s love today? 3. What’s one gift God has given you to share His love in a special way?


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