Fall Spiritual Growth Campaign 2021

A Way Out: An Exploration of Exodus

God is a God of rescue and deliverance.  There is no bondage or slavery too great for his redemptive power.  There is no obstacle too great for his power and might.  The Children of Israel experienced this in the Exodus, as God brought them up out of Egypt and into his Promised Land.  We experience this in our own exodus, as God brings us up out of the depths of sin and into his promised inheritance.

As we face challenges and suffering in life, God’s Word holds out the hope of a God who sees our affliction and hears our cries.  He does not turn away from us in our time of need.  In fact, God responds in a way that is true to his nature, not only delivering from the affliction, but then leading us into something much better.  

There are two ways to study Exodus:  LifeLight and Home Groups.  Read below to find out more. 

LifeLight Bible Study

Exodus will be the study for the first session of LifeLight, beginning September 9, 2021 for 9 weeks.  LifeLight is a small group Bible study that also offers exciting fellowship and mini-lectures and guidance from a Pastor. Dig deep into the Bible and discover its many truths and blessings through personal study and weekly discussions, worship and lectures! Once a week, after studying at home, students gather in their assigned small groups and discuss the lesson together.

Simply click the registration button below and submit the registration form to get started. Whether you join us for a nine-week series or the entire twenty-seven week format, God will bless you richly. We hope that you will prayerfully consider joining us for this wonderful and exciting way to study God’s Word.

Thursday at 9:00-10:30 a.m. and 7:00-8:30 p.m.

New student enrollment opens August 1 and is open through August 31.

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LifeGroups for Spiritual Growth Campaign


Starting on September 12, home groups will be meeting on different days, at different times to also study Exodus.  The study will accompany the sermon series, "Exodus - A Way Out" for 9 weeks.  There will be video study and opportunities to meet with others. Click below to become a home group leader or to join an existing home group.