January 30

God Always Loves Us And Gives us Do- Overs


Bethlehem KIDS

Plastic Bag Jump Rope craft activity: www.bit.ly/plasticbagjumprope

Can you imagine being stuck in quarantine without being able to go outside… in a zoo… on a boat? We’re diving into a Bible story in a brand new way: how Noah stuck on the Ark reminds us of feeling stuck in quarantine! But even through those times we feel stuck, God has a plan, and He is working something good for us through it all! And in the times we feel stuck in our bad choices, God is there to help us and give us a do-over. And with God, you’ll never run out of do-overs. He always gives us a second chance, a third chance, forever chances - all because He loves us. Because He promised He always will - and God always keep His promises! Just look for the rainbow above the ark, and for every sign of His love that He gives us even in a quarantine!

Talk About: When was a time you felt stuck and wanted a do-over? How does God show you His love through that time?

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