October 10

God Is Calling You To Do Something


Bethlehem KIDS

As we’re learning how to be a good neighbor and good friend by being kind and talking with people, we’re talking with a special guest too- British Becky! She’ll help us discover 3 ways God is calling you to do something to share His love with the people right next to you! We can 1) talk with people, 2) do something kind for them, and 3) pray for them & with them! Come along to see how we put it all to practice when British Becky arrives- and how we can go live it out in our families and neighborhoods. God is calling YOU to join Him - let’s go!

Talk About: Who is a neighbor that you want to get to know better? How can you do 1 of the 3 things for that person this week?

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    • Hi Lexi! It is so good to hear from you! I am not twins with British Becky but I hoped you liked seeing two of us! I miss you! — Miss Becky

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