August 29

God is Holy


Bethlehem KIDS

Get ready to travel all around your home as we discover more about God’s special home in the Bible! As we learn why God is so special and holy, we’ll see why there was a special place for His holy presence in the Tabernacle -  - an amazing tent filled with reminders of God’s love for us. On our Tabernacle Tour, we’re exploring how each piece actually points to Jesus - the One who sacrificed His life to save us and forgive all our mistakes. Now, because of Jesus’ love for us, we are made holy before God forever! Our holy God - the Great I Am - has set us apart to be His special kids who He loves so much!

Talk About: What’s one reminder you can have in your home that God is with you and loves you?

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    About the speaker

    Becky Chaplin
    Director of Children's Ministry

    My name is Becky Chaplin, and I'm the Director of Ministry to Children and their Families here at Bethlehem. Growing up I always knew I wanted to teach, but I wasn't sure how. But I knew I loved teaching Vacation Bible School, and from there I discovered how much I enjoy serving in kids' ministry. I grew up in Macomb, Michigan and then graduated from Concordia University Ann Arbor with a degree in Family Life Ministry and focus on Children’s Ministry. I love traveling and always dreamed of coming to Colorado, so living here is a dream come true! Some of my favorite things include Vacation Bible School (I have a collection of VBS themed buckets in my office, come check it out!), dancing, watching movies, and golden retrievers. My favorite golden retriever in the world is my dog, Charlie, who is back in Michigan with my parents and younger brother, Andrew. I love my family and I am excited to get to know yours too!

    Becky Chaplin

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