April 5

Jesus Helps Us When We Struggle


Watch virtual kids' church with Miss Becky for kids and families of all ages - featuring family discussion questions, a talk-about story video, and craft and game options at the end!

Directions for the Palm Prayers Craft:
1. Trace your handprint on a folded sheet of paper. You can use 2-3 folded sheets to make 6-8 handprints for your branch.
2. Cut out all your handprints.
3. On each handprint, write a verse of those we can pray for from Matthew 5:3-10.
4. Tape each pair of 2 handprints side-by-side, and then tape all of the sets together to make your full branch like the one in the video!
5. Throughout the week, take time to pray for those you wrote down on your branch. Ask God to help them when they are struggling!

Kids' Church April 5 Playlist
(featuring our brand new Bible Buddy and a Hosanna song for Palm Sunday!)

Watch Bible Buddy Stitch!

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