March 6

Jesus Loves Everyone


Bethlehem KIDS

Have you ever felt left out, like an outsider? We’ve all felt left out... (even our newest Bible Buddy has too!) but today we are discovering that Jesus loves EVERYONE! That means no one is left out of Jesus’ love. Jesus always went out of His way to show people they were included in His love. And that love is for ALL people - not just “good” people or “popular” people - for EVERYONE! Jesus wanted to spend time with people who felt like outsiders... people who made mistakes... people who were different. And because Jesus loves everyone, we will too!!! We can share Jesus’ love with everyone we know- no matter how we’re different from them. From your school to your neighborhood, from your team or your troop, to all people all around the world - we are ALL loved by God!

Talk About: Who is someone in your life who might feel like an outsider? How can you show God’s love to them?

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