Are you ready to go on a mission trip? Don't worry you don't need to pack, get your vaccinations updated, learn a new language, and you don't even have to get on a plane. The mission field is in your backyard!  Join the church and school wide study of "Joining Jesus on His Mission" starting September 13 to discover how to be an everyday missionary.  

During this pandemic we as the church find ourselves scattered throughout the greater Denver area.  We can't meet together as we would like.  But, what is God doing with his church in the midst of this pandemic?  Maybe he is bringing the church to those who need to know of his love, peace, and grace.  Maybe he is calling his people at Bethlehem Lutheran Church and School to be on mission in our 100' circle of influence, which for many is around our homes right now.  

You are invited to gather a small group of family or friends and socially distance in your driveway, patio, a park, or your living room for 7 weeks to study "Joining Jesus on His Mission" and discover how to bring the redemptive work of Jesus to those who will never step foot in a church. Or perhaps you have friends and family across the city or even further away, and you'd like to gather with via Zoom.  Either way, it's time to start planning your mission trip. Sign up today to be a GROUP BUILDER and gather your family and friends together.  If you are not interested in hosting a group, check back on August 27th and sign up for a group or do the study on your own. 

Each group meeting will include viewing the short video which will be shared through an email and then talking through a few questions related to the video (Using From Worship To Weekday) with others in your home or via Zoom. Our sermon series for those 7 weeks will also be about joining Jesus on his mission.  If you want to read along is the book order your copy from Amazon, eBay, or Dwelling 1:14. Let's get on mission together and transform this community!