April 17

Joshua 10:13-14

The book of Joshua begins at the end of Israel’s wandering in the wilderness of Sinai.  God had used the past 40 years to prepare his people for entering and living in the land of Canaan.  God had promised this land to the nation of Israel, but it was inhabited by people who would be opposed to their presence and to their God.  God chose Joshua, a mighty soldier in Israel’s army, to lead His people across the Jordan river and into Canaan.  Joshua’s book chronicles those events that continued to test Israel’s faith in their God and God’s patience with them. It is marked by stories of great faith and victory and stories of weakness and failure, but through all of it, God’s love and mercy for his chosen people is foundational for the continuation of his salvific plan for his people from that time on until today.  You are invited to experience what it was like for God’s people to enter and live in a strange land promised to them, to see their faith in action, also to see their unfaithfulness and its consequences, but ultimately to see their victory and possession of this land by God’s power and grace. It is a history of encouragement for all God’s people. Encouragement that despite all enemies and opposition to His plan of salvation, God reigns supreme and victorious and blesses all who place their faith and trust in Him.

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Tim Wendelin
Pastor of Care

Hi, I’m Pastor Tim. I’ve been a part of the Bethlehem family my entire life, 61 years and counting! Born, raised, and educated at Bethlehem’s day school, I went on to high school and then to college in the Denver area. I graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a Master’s degree in Physics and worked for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) for 37 years. I retired from NREL in 2018 and became part of a small company that develops large scale solar power technology. Several years ago, I felt a pull to the ministry and so went back to school as a student at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. In early 2016, I was ordained and called as a pastor here at Bethlehem. My wonderful wife Sandy, whom I met here at Bethlehem 37 years ago also serves here at Bethlehem as our Director of Discipleship. As a part-time pastor, my main ministry areas are pastoral care and visitation, Bible teaching and Senior ministry. I also sing with our contemporary worship teams. In my spare time I spend time with my wife, my extended family and golf. There is a reason I have been at Bethlehem my entire life. By God’s grace, this wonderful Christ centered faith community has been and will continue to be my extended family for years to come. I pray it can be yours as well. May you find the love and gifts of Christ here at Bethlehem!

Tim Wendelin

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