February 24


Kids’ Church – February 27th, 2022

By Sarah Weishaar

February 24, 2022

Bethlehem KIDS

Read together: Exodus 35-36

      God had been very good to the Isrealities! God had led them out of Egypt, and guided them even when they strayed and didn't listen.  God guided the people through everything. Now God told the people to build the Tabernacle- a place where the people would go to worship Him because He loved them.  This was a place in the middle of their camp that the Israelites could focus on God and the wonderful things He had given them.   God gives us a place to worship and glorify Him today as well-Church.  Just like the Isrealities, we don't always listen to God, but God never leaves us- He always loves us .  

Talk about it:  As a family, talk about why the tabernacle was important to the Israelites. 

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