March 20


Kids’ Church – March 20th, 2022

By Sarah Weishaar

March 20, 2022

Bethlehem KIDS

Memory Verse: Be Strong and courageous! do not be afraid or discouraged.  For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

Read together: Joshua 3-4 

God gives us the strength to do crazy things- and we can thank HIM for everything!

God made this amazing promise to the Israelites- promising them that He would bring them to the promised land.  The Israelites didn't always listen to God though.  They didn't trust in His promise all the time or trust that He would do everything He promised.  After all this time- after all these years that they were in the desert, the Israelites finally were at the promised land! All that was standing between them and the promised land was the Jordan River.  And AGAIN God was faithful in helping and protecting His people.  Through everything, God was faithful to the Israelites, and He is also faithful to us! God is always with us and guides us when we need Him.  

Talk about it:  Talk about a time when God has helped you in the past.  How did that experience remind you of God's love for you? 

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