November 8

Kids’ Church – November 14th


Memory Verse for the Month: "The Lord is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes." Nahum 1:7

Can you think of a time when everything went wrong? What happened? Was there anything good that came out of it? Joseph's life had lots of ups and downs! Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery, and then while in Egypt someone told a HUGE lie about him that landed him in jail! While things in Joseph's life often seemed frustrated and sad, God's goodness and love for Joseph never changed! God never left Joseph- whether it was during his time as a beloved son, a despised brother, a servant or even a prisoner.  One thing never changed- God's love and goodness! While bad things still happen to us too, we know that God's love will never end- and that He is always good- even when we cannot see it! 

Talk about: Talk about a time in your life that felt unfair? Could you see God working through that time in your life? If so, how?

Bethlehem KIDS

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