October 5

Kids’ Church – October 10th


Bible Memory Verse:

 "For the word of the Lord holds true, and we can trust everything He does."  Psalm 33:4 

Do you like to know what's coming next? Do you like to have a plan? A lot of times we like to be in control of what happens.  We like to be able to change things if  they do not go our way.  Abram is no different- he too wondered what God's plan was.  But what Abram did was listen to God and His plan.  Abram obeyed God's call and believed His promises.  God promised Abram land and a big family.  Abram had to trust in God and His timing.  Was it always easy for him to wait? No! Just like Abram, we too have to wait on God's plan and His timing.  We may never fully understand God and His ways, but we do know this: God is trustworthy.  God will always love us. God has a plan for our lives! 

Talk about: Talk with your family about a time you didn't understand what was happening, but you still trusted God.  What happened? 

Bethlehem KIDS

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