October 22

Kids’ Church – October 24th


We can trust God... because He keeps his promises!

Bible Memory Verse for this month:

"For the word of the Lord holds true, and we can trust everything He does." Psalm 33:4  

     Have you ever made a promise to someone? Maybe you have promised to always get your homework done, or promised to keep your room clean.  Do we always keep our promises? Not always.  God also makes promises, but when God makes a promise He ALWAYS keeps it! God always follows through.  God is who He says He is, and He will do what He says he'll do- but not necessarily when WE want Him to do it.  God promised Abraham and Sarah, even though they were REALLY old (Abraham was almost 100 and Sarah was almost 90)  that they would not only have a son, but also countless relatives.  And yet, when three visitors arrived at their home, the reality of her situation made Sarah laugh at the thought of this promise actually coming true.  

     God does not always give us what we want when we want it, but He does promise that He will guide us when we trust in Him.  God has made promises to us just like he made one to Abraham! He promised to send Jesus to die on the cross to wipe away our sins- and He did just that! Jesus promised to love His friends.  To give them peace and joy. and to never ever forget them.  You can trust God because He keeps every promise every time! 

Talk about:   Jesus has promised that He is with His friends now and forever.  Share a story about something happening in your life that's hard or scary and that you are glad that Jesus always keeps His promise to be with you! 

Bethlehem KIDS

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