Lenten Season 2023 | Spiritual Disciplines

The 2023 Lenten season began with Ash Wednesday, February 22.  Thank you for all who joined us on a 40-day Lenten journey, themed around worshipping in your weekday.  Sometimes we hate discipline and rules, but by creating habits with them we’ll find ourselves better connected to God. We will be interacting with Him more dailythroughout the 168 hours a week given to usmore than an hour on Sunday.

In this six-week, twelve-session series on Sundays and Wednesdays, we will be reminded that we need him more than food, that His Word is more valuable than gold. We will be equipped with Scripture and community to better face obstacles such as doubt. We will also receive tools to be reminded of God’s blessings in good times, and be guided how to confess regularly when we fall short. We will be equipped to witness boldly to our neighbors and serve them, and pray over our neighborhood as we walk.

Ash Wednesday is where we will provide the imposition of ashes. Want to learn more about what imposition of ashes is all about? Check out this BLOG on why Lutherans receive ashes on Ash Wednesday.

You are now welcome to continue on this journey and practice. This series focuses on keeping Christ central throughout the week through spiritual disciplines, explored in Adele Calhoun’s book, Spiritual Disciplines Practices that Transform Us.

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