LifeLight is a small group Bible study that also offers exciting fellowship and Pastor led mini-lectures. Dig deep into the Bible and discover its many truths and blessings through personal study and weekly discussions, worship and lectures!

LifeLight fosters an environment of strong discussion and thought provoking questions.

Look over each component below to get a better sense of how the LifeLight Bible study is organized.



Students receive a study lesson for each class. The lesson contains a prayer, and other worship resources in addition to readings and study questions for five days. Questions range in difficulty and students are challenged to apply the Word of God while other questions ask the student to look introspectively and examine their heart.



Once a week, after studying at home, students gather in their assigned small groups and discuss the lesson together. Classes vary in composition from all women’s and men’s groups to groups of married couples. 



Before the small group discussion, all students meet together for a time of teaching on the portion of scripture that was studied during the past week. The pastor brings together the history of the text and explains how the text ties into the Gospel of Christ. 



A magazine is passed out at the beginning of each nine (9) week series. These are distributed during the small group meeting time. The magazine contains maps, graphs, charts, pictures, and other visual aids as well as supporting narrative that helps the student review the lessons being studied.


Simply click the registration button below and submit the registration form to get started. You will be contacted by a LifeLight representative with more information. We hope that you will prayerfully consider joining us for this wonderful and exciting way to study God’s Word.

Ways to engage

Traditional: Thursday morning at 9:00 am or Thursday evening at 6:15 pm, at Bethlehem with a meal.

Non-Traditional: Independent Study, Home Studies, Zoom Groups, non-Thursday groups that meet at Bethlehem.

Register by clicking the button below or by calling the church office at 303-238-7676


Baptism-September 12, 2024

Isaiah Part 1 - November 2024

Isaiah Part 2- January 2025