The "Living Well Showers" are a series of four fully functioning shower bays built into a mobile trailer which can be parked around the greater Denver area and hooked up to local water sources.

The trailer includes three standard bays and one disability compliant bay with wheelchair access. Each bay includes operational sinks and mirrors and will be supplied with other resources needed for guests to brush their teeth, get a fresh pair of socks and undergarments, and temporarily store their belongings in a secure environment.


Living Well Showers delivers dignity to the homeless population of west metro Denver through the means of a mobile shower trailer. We partner with city, county, and other organizations.


Living Well Showers seeks to transform the lives of people by:

  • Connecting with those who need a helping hand,
  • Building relationships within the community,
  • Showering people with love, physically and spiritually.


  • $80 - Cleaning and other supplies
  • $50 - Postcards
  • $67 - Propane
  • $58 - Gasoline
  • $100 - Truck and trailer parts
  • $75 - Other (plate renewal, tow, video)

$690 - Total operating expenses per month