Our son started in the ELC at Bethlehem Lutheran. He was 2 1/2 years old at the time. We needed a school that would collaborate with us on ways to help him thrive in a school environment with sensory processing disorder. The teachers worked with us to help incorporate realistic plans that were helpful for him but also good for the overall classroom environment. He is now doing very well socially and academically in Bethlehem's elementary school. We love the religious aspect he learns during school and plan to keep him there through 8th grade. We are very pleased with our experience.

Clay & Dana Pfrangle

We Love Bethlehem! We have started in the ELC program and will not leave! Ethan, my oldest, is in 3rd grade now and Wyatt is in 1st grade. We love the amazing staff and how close the Bethlehem family is with ours. We would recommend Bethlehem to anyone. We promise you won't want to leave either!

The Gieck Family

Who thinks a pastor needs help shaping the character and spiritual life of his children? But the truth is, my four children needed, and were looking for, other voices in their lives to ground them. Bethlehem Lutheran School was God's instrument to do that. Not only did my children receive the academic and extra-curricular foundation for successful careers, but the Godly teachers and staff, in a Christ-centered environment, nurtured my children for lives of significance. This school is truly a place for those who want the best for their children.

David Langewisch
Church Pastor

Bethlehem Lutheran church, school and ELC have been such an important part of our lives for the last 3 years. We've felt consistently welcomed, cherished and supported. Making the decision to continue into Kindergarten was the best choice we could have made and really encouraged a great year of learning for our son. The small class sizes, use of Love and Logic strategies and exposure to faith truly served our young family. We cannot recommend this group of people enough and are so grateful for their kindness.

Grace Jory