Our Mission

Beginning at the preschool level, our commitment is to educate the total student and to help young men and women achieve full potential in all realms of life.

Did you know that even our littlest learners acquire important developmental skills through daily lessons in our Early Learning Center (ELC)? That’s right! As soon as students reach their second birthday, they are old enough to join one of our 2-year old classrooms. We have preschool classrooms for 3-year olds, as well as Pre-Kindergarten for 4-year olds. Bethlehem’s ELC establishes a faith foundation for each child’s spiritual development. So yes, even our youngest students learn about Jesus’ love for them each and every day! As you can see, our preschool and Pre-K classes are far more than daycare! 

Learning Development

Children benefit from our structured days that include a variety of learning and play activities. In each of our early childhood classes your child will


Literacy, Pre-Reading, and Writing Skills

Through instruction utilizing the Tools of the Mind curriculum, intentional play in developmentally-appropriate centers, and carefully-curated classroom schedules, children are engaged in activities designed to support the development of literacy, pre-reading, and writing skills. Storytime using a variety of genres of both books and songs are an integral portion of each day, as well as small-motor activities that allow young writers an opportunity to express themselves in written form.


Math and Science Skills

Students are encouraged to explore these essential skills using hands-on activities in math and science centers. Such learning takes place in small groups, allowing children to interact with one another for both the acquisition of knowledge and the building of relationships - creating an inquisitive, positive, and loving classroom environment.


Faith Formation

Throughout the year, children walk through many of the great stories in the Bible, learning that God always loves His children and always keeps His promises. Praying is an important part of each day, allowing children to know they can talk to God at any time and about anything. Additionally, our ELC students receive an age-appropriate chapel message each week as they participate in learning about how much God loves them. The annual ELC Christmas program is another way children have a beautiful opportunity to share their faith in God.


Healthy Social-Emotional Interactions

Teachers develop positive and loving relationships with each child, providing each individual with a sense of his or her unique worth. Through this special bond, each child feels seen and valued, coming to know that school is a safe environment where they can learn, grow, and have fun. Teachers help each child develop healthy patterns based on self-control, the continual quest for independence, and a desire to show love to others.

Parent Testimony

Eden is adjusting to school SO well. Makes my heart so happy! I'm so thankful God opened up a spot for us in the Island Room. It is the perfect fit for us in this season.
It is always a great feeling knowing you are exactly where God wants you to be! The atmosphere at Bethlehem really is special. I know, because as a former teacher, I have seen too much over the years! I am amazed by the warmth, professionalism, and positivity I continue to encounter from everyone on staff. I am even impressed by the students eating peacefully in the lunchroom when I walk through for half-day pickup because in many schools that can be a very chaotic, rough part of the day.
I also really appreciate the thoughtful security measures that are in place. I am at ease with Eden in your hands. Y'all are doing amazing!

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