Our Mission

Beginning at the preschool level, our commitment is to educate the total student and to help young men and women achieve full potential in all realms of life.

Students in our primary grades (K-2) learn to develop foundational skills in a variety of areas: academically, socially, and with the important skills necessary for success not only in school, but in life. The positive habits and healthy relationships that are begun in these first years at Bethlehem are pivotal for continued success! When they reach the intermediate grades (3-5), students utilize those foundational skills to thrive academically as subject matter increases in both quantity and complexity, socially by navigating the inevitable ups and downs of friendships with an advancing set of social skills, and becoming progressively adept at applying executive function skills to demonstrate success throughout all each school day entails. The spiritual development of all our elementary students continues as these disciples of Christ learn and grow in their faith walk, knowing in their mind and heart just how much Jesus loves them!

Learning Development


Literacy Skills

Instruction in phonics, reading, spelling, writing, and handwriting ensure primary grade (K-2) students develop a solid literacy foundation. Use of stellar curricular materials such as CR Success phonics and spelling, Shurley English grammar and writing, Houghton-Mifflin reading, and Zaner-Bloser manuscript enrich the educational experience of each learner.

Continued instruction in reading, vocabulary, spelling, writing, and handwriting in the intermediate grades (3-5) builds upon the solid foundation laid in the primary grades. Using the same company’s curricular materials ensures that the scope and sequence of instruction doesn’t have gaps for Bethlehem students. CR Success vocabulary and spelling, Shurley English grammar and writing, Houghton-Mifflin - supplemented with chapter books - for reading, and Zaner-Bloser cursive writing allow students to deepen their understanding in these pivotal learning years.

Math, Science, and Social Studies Skills

Utilizing tried-and-true Saxon Math curricular materials has resulted in strong math test scores for years at Bethlehem! Through the use of hands-on manipulatives in K-3, concepts are taught in an easy-to-understand approach in this spiraling curriculum. That is, students will encounter skills and concepts numerous times throughout each school year in order to develop, build, and master content. Additionally, daily fact practice is an essential component of each day’s math lesson. Beginning in third grade, students may be invited to advance a year in math instruction. Continuing with Saxon Math in the intermediate grades, students possess fact fluency, as well as an excellent, developmentally-appropriate foundation of mathematical problem-solving skills and concepts in the strands of mathematics: number & quantity, algebra & functions, data analysis/statistics/probability, and geometry. 

K-5 students receive textbook instruction with McGraw-Hill curricular materials, as well as through conducting experiments and inquiries. In this way, students learn about God’s creation as they study the life, earth, and physical science strands - all through the lens of a Christian worldview.


Faith Formation

With the truth of God’s Word as the guide, students in K-5 use either Concordia Publishing House or Bible Action Curriculum materials to continue to learn about how people in Old and New Testament times understood both how their shortcomings and failures (sin) divided them from God, as well as their need for redemption through means other than themselves (our Savior, Jesus). Learning how God worked through those people in the Bible allows students to see that God can and does work in their lives, too! Through memorizing both Bible passages and portions of Luther’s Small Catechism, students have God’s Word and the foundations of our faith in God imprinted on their hearts and minds.

Healthy Social-Emotional Interactions

God designed us to be in relationship with others, so it is a blessing that we can help our students learn how to “do life” well by walking alongside them as they learn and grow each day. Building upon previous instruction in social-emotional learning, Pre-K through Eighth Grade students are empowered through the Biblically-based Friendzy social emotional character development curricular materials to learn how to develop and navigate healthy relationships. Through developmentally-appropriate instruction, rich content is delivered in a variety of ways: utilizing catchy catchphrases for each unit, hands-on activities, relevant videos, and group discussions. As Friendzy says, “When kids learn friendship, they learn it for life!”

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