BLS students receive a top-notch education, graduating Eighth Grade poised to excel in high school with the excellent academic preparation, valuable life and relationship skills, and most importantly - firm foundation in their faith - they acquired during their years at Bethlehem


BLS teachers are committed to instilling high-quality academics, partnering with parents, and walking alongside their students as they learn and grow in their relationships with God and with one another.


BLS is a place where teaching and sharing the love of Jesus is our #1 priority! It is our intent to ensure that our students meaningfully experience Jesus’ love for them as they go about their day.

Everything that happens during our students’ school day. Everyone with whom our students interact. 

We believe that everyone who serves the Lord in ministry at Bethlehem is specially placed by God to encourage, empower, and equip those with whom we come into contact thereby helping children reach their God-given potential!

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STAR Reading and Math Assessments are administered at the beginning, middle, and end of each year as one way we monitor student progress. Students at BLS also take the Iowa Assessments each school year to monitor achievement from one year to the next. At Bethlehem, our teachers strive to tailor their instruction to meet the diverse learning needs of the students in their class in order to maximize each student’s learning.

Differentiating instruction occurs in a variety of ways and may look different from year to year as students acquire an increasing amount of knowledge and skills. Based on student assessment data and classroom performance, teachers provide a conducive learning environment that may include flexible grouping and peer collaboration, scaffold their instruction, offer a variety of methods for students to “show what they know” at their current level of performance, and use ongoing assessment to drive instruction to help each child reach their God-given potential. 

Our teachers, like skilled navigators, adjust the sails of instruction to harness the winds of diverse learning, ensuring every student reaches the shores of their God-given potential.