|  Why Bethlehem

When exploring educational options for your child, consider a school where academic excellence isn't just a goal, but a reality.

Imagine a place where education goes beyond textbooks, combining character development through Christian values.

Discover a place where academic rigor meets Christian principles, fostering not just scholarly success but the growth of well-rounded individuals.

Your first step in an enriching journey for your child

Families from many communities surrounding and including Lakewood have made the choice to send their children to Bethlehem Lutheran School for academic excellence and development of Christian character, then find a place not only for their children - but also for themselves - within our welcoming community!

Trusted Experience

BETHLEHEM K-8TH TEACHERS HAVE 22 YEARS OF teaching EXPERIENCE ON AVERAGE, compared to Our local educational district which states that 78.2% of their teachers have three or more years of experience. 

Additionally, Teachers in our early learning center have an average of 10 years experience.

|  Parent Feedback

Paige T.

Bethlehem is fostering a community of love, safety, academic leadership, responsibility, integrity, and most importantly, Jesus-led guidance and acceptance. Our entire family has benefited from the incredible atmosphere, not just our 1st and 4th graders. Children WILL grow up. Finding their voice in the world and in life will host its own unique challenges. This place, their school, their teachers, the staff… This is a place they know they are loved, supported, cared for and challenged. The best part is that Jesus is the center, from which all this goodness flows, so our children and our family will be forever benefited by the hope, grace and peace we’ve found at Bethlehem

Amber S. - ELC Parent

My twins have had the AMAZING privilege of attending the ELC program for 3 years now. They will be starting Kindergarten next fall with BLCS. I could literally write a book regarding how truly exceptional this FAMILY is to us. It is worth every penny and an investment in your child so great that the rewards are immeasurable. The pure love, presence of God and entire atmosphere is something so spectacular that it is hard to find the right words to even do my feelings and sentiments justice.

Jessica D. - BLS Parent

Wonderful school I feel so glad I found Bethlehem when I was looking for a Kindergarten for my son. A totally loving and unique community experience.

Hillary O. - BLS Parent

We LOVE Bethlehem! I did not go there myself, but several family members did at one time, and when it came time to put our daughter in preschool, I knew this is where I wanted her. The teachers and staff are wonderful and the community that we have become a part of is simply amazing. With some of the things uncovered in kindergarten, she would have been lost anywhere else. We can’t wait to see what 1st grade brings!









Our ELC, Elementary, and Junior High students all learn together on our large, multi-purpose campus. This allows students and families alike to eagerly anticipate the next phase of their educational journey at Bethlehem! Additionally, Kindergarten through Eighth Grade students have the opportunity to be partnered with a chapel buddy. This special bond carries through the hallways when buddies greet one another on non-chapel days, and also lends itself to special relationship-building activities throughout the school year.


The safety of our student body is of the utmost importance to us at Bethlehem. To that end, extensive measures have been taken to ensure that our campus, and therefore, our students - are able to learn in a safe and secure environment. The security of our entire campus is closely monitored. While we don't publicly post the many things that we do (as a security measure itself), we'd be happy to point out some highlights/address specific questions during a tour.


Everything that happens at Bethlehem has our faith woven throughout. That means the lessons our students learn in the classroom, on the playground, while participating on sports teams; the prayers said before and after meals; our weekly chapel worship and daily devotions - the goal is that everything we say and do - is all to show Jesus’ love to others.

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