|  Athletics Overview

Bethlehem’s athletic program is an important part of our school as it offers opportunities to develop the whole child. Success in athletics requires teamwork, speed, ability, coordination, body control, as well as growth in intelligence, emotional control, social skills, and spiritual life. The philosophy of Bethlehem’s athletic program coincides with the philosophy of Bethlehem Lutheran School.

The emphasis of Bethlehem’s athletic program is to help children learn about God, themselves, and others. They also learn about their strengths and weaknesses, about work and play, about winning and losing, about determination, practice, about rules of the game, techniques and skills, teamwork, cooperation, sacrifice, humility, generosity, and all God-pleasing attributes.

A variety of opportunities exist for students across many grade levels to participate as a Bethlehem Bobcat! From Mini Basketball for students in the 1st through 4th Grades, to Cheerleading for 3rd through 8th Grade girls, to Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, and Track & Field for 5th through 8th Grade students, there are many ways for students to use their God-given athletic talents to give Him glory and to have fun!

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