September 5

We Are Not Just Persons


We are not just persons, but a people.

In our time and place, the individual is championed above all else. Our sin and society push us towards isolation in ways we do not even realize. This can creep into our faith, leading us to think of our faith as something between "just God and me." However, the Biblical and Christian message has always pointed to something different. We see that in Jesus' death and resurrection, our relationships have been redeemed. Now we are not just many separate persons, but rather A People. This blesses us with a community like no other and also gives us the responsibility of investing in and caring for our fellow members of the body.

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About the speaker

My name is PJ Aarsvold, and I am extremely excited to be serving here at Bethlehem! As a vicar, I am a pastoral intern. Both my wife, Melanie, and I grew up in Minnesota. I grew up in a rural town near Rochester called Plainview. Melanie and I met at my home church (Immanuel Lutheran in Plainview, MN) when Melanie and a few other camp counselors were visiting to lead Sunday school and do a presentation about Camp Omega. We got married at the same church two years later (June 2018)! Before attending the seminary, I received a degree in mathematics from the University of Minnesota. While I did enjoy many of my math classes, I am much more excited about serving in the pastoral ministry and working towards Jesus' mission of bringing as many as possible to Himself. Melanie graduated from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN where she studied psychology and family studies. She is currently enjoying working with children in Bethlehem's after school child care while working towards a Master's Degree in Family and Community Services.

PJ Aarsvold

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