February 20

We Can Trust God Because He’s In Control


Bethlehem KIDS

If you’ve ever gotten into a fight with your family… or your brother or sister… or your friends… you are not alone! All families and siblings have fights (like the family in our Bible story today!)… and it can be tempting to try to take things into our own hands and do it our own way. But we are discovering that God is in control! And His way is always what’s best for us. When everything is in God’s hands, He can help us get along! He can help us make peace with our families, our siblings, and our friends. And you can bring along a friend or sibling to play some partner games throughout kids’ church as we see how God helps us work together and get along. We can trust Him to help us because God is in control! 

Talk About: When was the last time you got into a fight with a friend or someone in your family? How can God help you get along?

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